At NIIBS while great emphasis is placed on research that will have an impact on the world, NIIBS will strictly adhere to the maintenance of the highest standards in research integrity, research ethics and good research practice.

At the Nāgānanda International Institute for Buddhist Studies (NIIBS), research methodology stands as an integral module across all postgraduate and undergraduate programs. This fundamental component aims to cultivate the essential skills necessary for acquiring new knowledge, which holds profound significance within the realm of Buddhist studies, where the depth of understanding continually evolves. Under the mentorship of NIIBS faculty members, every student is required to undertake a comprehensive research project, fostering critical inquiry and scholarly development.

In fulfilling this requisite, undergraduate students typically collaborate within groups, whereas master’s students embark on individual projects, each tailored to their unique interests and expertise. NIIBS’s dedicated Research Centre, overseen by a committee of esteemed academics and researchers, provides essential facilities and resources for both faculty and student-led research endeavors.