NIIBS provides exceptional facilities designed to enhance the learning experience. From state-of-the-art lecture rooms and computer labs to serene meditation centres and versatile convention halls, we provide a conducive environment for academic growth and holistic development.


Our Convention Centre at NIIBS offers a versatile and modern space for events, conferences, and gatherings. With state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment and flexible seating arrangements, it’s an ideal venue for hosting a wide range of activities, promoting collaboration and fostering intellectual exchange.


NIIBS considers that the library plays a fundamental role in enhancing the learning experience of the students. NIIBS library provides a physical place where students can find books, magazines, dictionaries and encyclopedias that are related to the courses offered.


Computer Laboratories

Our cutting-edge computer laboratories at NIIBS are designed to empower students with the latest technology. These well-equipped spaces offer high-speed internet access, modern software and a conducive research and practical learning environment, ensuring our students are well-prepared for the digital age.


State of Art Lecture Rooms

NIIBS provides state-of-the-art lecture rooms that elevate the learning experience. These well-equipped spaces feature advanced audiovisual technology, comfortable seating and a conducive interactive and immersive education atmosphere. Students benefit from modern amenities that enhance their academic journey.


Meditation Centre

NIIBS proudly hosts the Mihidu Arana Meditation Center, a serene oasis for inner reflection and mindfulness. The centre offers tranquil spaces, experienced instructors and various meditation techniques, providing students and visitors with a peaceful haven for self-discovery and mental rejuvenation.


Āyurveda Centre

The Āyurveda Centre at NIIBS is a haven for holistic well-being. Our state-of-the-art facilities offer traditional Āyurvedic treatments, promoting physical and mental harmony. Experienced practitioners provide personalized care, making it an integral part of our commitment to nurturing the overall health and wellness of our community.



NIIBS provides comfortable and convenient accommodation facilities for students. Our well-maintained dormitories offer a conducive environment for focused learning and personal growth. Safety is our priority. We ensure safety in the accommodation area and the surroundings for a carefree stay at our campus.


Fascinating Environment

NIIBS offers a captivating and serene environment conducive to learning and personal growth. Surrounded by lush greenery and inspired by Buddhist culture, our facilities foster an atmosphere of introspection and mindfulness, providing students with an inspiring backdrop for their academic journey and self-discovery.


Open Theater

NIIBS Open Theater is a vibrant hub of artistic expression and cultural celebration. It serves as a dynamic space for performances, lectures and gatherings. This open-air venue encourages creativity and fosters a sense of community and shared cultural experiences.