Centre For Internal Quality Assurance (CIQA)

The Centre For Internal Quality Assurance (CIQA) of NIIBS was established as per recommendation of the University Grants Commission, to facilitate the quality assurance activities.

Background of the CIQA

The Centre for Internal Quality Assurance of the Nāgānanda International Institute for Buddhist Studies (NIIBS) was established in June 2021 to fulfil the requirement of Degree awarding non state higher education institute of the ministry of Education of Sri Lanka, and to maintain Quality assurance mechanism of NIIBS. But it was the Ministry of Education requires a formal structured Internal Quality Assurance Centre to follow QA mechanism systematically. Internal quality assurance system is the Quality Policy of Sri Lankan Universities is to achieve excellence in teaching, research, student support, extension and consultancy, with social relevance.

The quality management system incorporates organizational structure, procedures, processes and financial, non-financial, human and technological resources. Sri Lankan assures quality education and training by process benchmarking, performance benchmarking and strategic benchmarking. Internal quality assurance systems in the institution are formulated on the basis of guidelines of external quality assurance agencies such as higher education ministry, UGC and the affiliating universities.

Main Objectives of CIQA

  • To develop, maintain and follow a Quality Assurance Manual that describes all academic institutional and functional structures and operations for the planning and implementation of quality assurance processes.
  • To ensure continuous improvement in the entire operations of the institute.
  • To establish appropriate units, led by qualified staff to assure the sustainability of quality education.
  • To monitor for outcomes of the programs offered.
  • To monitor and periodic review academic programs, assessment of students and quality assurance of teaching staff.
  • To enhance the effectiveness of the institute’s core activities of learning and teaching, research and innovation, student experience and community engagement and outreach programs.
  • To develop, maintain and enhance the internal processes that the institution should monitor and improve the quality of education, staff, students and stakeholders connected with higher Education.
  • To improve continuously the staff, the students and the work of the institute’s quality assurance and quality enhancement.

Major Contributions

  • Organization of seminars, workshops and training programmes at institutional and national levels, for faculty, students and support staff, to enhance their functional efficiency.
  • It organized national seminars on quality aspects of education, initiated collaborative programmes in the areas of curriculum review, dissemination of information on best practices and innovative practices in departments and other institutions and institutionalized them through seminars and reporting systems, thus maintaining quality culture of continuous improvement.
  • Maintain Systematically a Google Drive uploading of all documents with annexure on teaching plan, pedagogy and content, periodical academic audits, assessment plan and learner-centric activities help teachers benchmark the teaching-learning-evaluation process, help increase integration of ICT in teaching-learning and promote use of ICT, along with sensitization and training of faculty.

Members of the CIQA

Ven. Dr. Bodagama Chandima Thero

Ven. Dr. Bodagama Chandima Thero

Vice Chancellor (Chairperson)
Ven. Dr. Dampe Vijitharathana Thero

Ven. Dr. Dampe Vijitharathana Thero

Dean - Faculty of Buddhist Studies
Prof. P. B. Mandawala

Prof. P. Mandawala

Dean - Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
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Dr. D.D. Senadeera

Member - Faculty of Graduate Studies

Mr. Rasika Kodagoda

Member - School of Information Communication Technology
Mr. Piyaratna Ranasinghe Arachchi

Mr. Piyaratne Ranasinghe Arachchi

Member - Registrar
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Mr. Ruchira Madawa

Member - Supervisor (PMC)
Ms. S.A. Chamodi Hansika

Ms. S.A. Chamodi Hansika

Computer Application Assistant
Mr. Senaka Senavirathna

Mr. Senaka Senaviratne

Prof. Sumanapala Galmangoda

Emirates Prof. Sumanapala Galmanagoda

Dean - Faculty of Graduate Studies
Dr. Kumari Madanayake

Dr. Kumari Madanayake

Member - Faculty of Buddhist Studies
Mr. W.K.M. Wijayarathna

Mr. Kaniska Wijewardhane

Member - Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
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Mr. M.K.S. Nanayakkara

Mr. M.K.S. Nanayakkara

Member - Bursar
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Mr. Sasinda Gimhan Premakumara

Secretary to CIQA