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NIIBS - Nāgānanda International Institute for Buddhist Studies

About Us

NIIBS is a degree awarding institute recognized by the Government of Sri Lanka under the provisions of the Universities Act No.16 of 1978. NIIBS aspires to the development, protection and dissemination of Buddhist culture.

NIIBS intends on educating, inspiring and preparing students to engage in global human health, cultural and social well-being with continuously lifelong learning, critical thinking, personal accomplishments and teamwork spirit.

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For undergraduate students, NIIBS offers an unrivaled educational experience.

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NIIBS provides a transformative platform for graduates and professionals.


NIIBS supports students' educational aspirations by offering a range of financial assistance options.
International Students

Why Choose NIIBS?

By choosing NIIBS, you access a government-recognized institute fostering holistic education. NIIBS intends on educating, inspiring and preparing students to engage in global human health cultural and social well-being with continuous lifelong learning, critical thinking, personal accomplishments and teamwork spirit.

NIIBS provides a comprehensive curriculum, esteemed faculty and a serene learning environment. This institution not only imparts knowledge but also fosters personal growth, cultural understanding, and global perspectives making it an exceptional choice for those seeking a deeply rooted and internationally recognized education in Buddhist studies.

International Students

NIIBS provides international students with a unique educational experience. It is recognized by the Sri Lankan government and combines academic excellence with cultural immersion, fostering personal development and cross-cultural understanding.

The interdisciplinary approach prepares students for a variety of careers, while an emphasis on lifelong learning fosters adaptability. Students who have a global perspective thrive in a variety of settings. NIIBS promotes personal growth, teamwork and leadership. The recognized degrees offered by NIIBS, set against the inspiring backdrop of Sri Lanka ensure a credible and enriching academic experience.


NIIBS deeply intertwines spirituality as a foundational principle, mirroring its unwavering dedication to Buddhist culture and values. Anchored in Buddhist teachings, NIIBS nurtures mindfulness, introspection, and ethical consciousness in its students. This spiritual essence permeates the academic milieu, fostering personal maturation, empathy and a comprehensive life perspective.

By seamlessly integrating spirituality with education, NIIBS endeavours to shape individuals who not only excel scholastically but also actively enhance their inner harmony and the well-being of those around them.


As valued members of our alumni community and esteemed friends, your enduring connection is pivotal in shaping the ongoing triumphs of the campus. Your dedicated engagement and support, encompassing practical insights, advisory guidance and financial contributions, have a tangible and lasting impact on the educational journey of both current and forthcoming students.

We extend a warm invitation not only to our esteemed former students (alumni) and friends, encompassing both present and former staff members, but also to individuals and organizations who share a profound interest in our institution’s mission and pursuits.